Just a Thought – Best Indicator of Success

Here’s a short post for you that I thought I’d share…

As the writer of the article, Success Indicator: One Question You Need to Ask Your Team writes, “Most performance reviews focus more on ‘development areas’ (aka weaknesses) than strengths. People are told to work harder and get better at those areas, but people don’t have to be good at everything.”  Instead a good manager, and organization needs to focus on whether their people “…have the opportunity to do what [they] do best every day…”

The more people that answered yes to that question the more successful a department or company seemed to be in Marcus’ experience.

So what is your experience?  Are you driven by performance and succeeding in your goals, to a degree I hope you are nodding your head yes, or are you driven by being able to do what you do best?  I think there needs to be a fine combination of both.  If you just sit and do the thing you do best and never grow and learn anything new then you become stale and don’t acquire any new skills.  You become the person who takes the paper out of this box and puts it in that one.  Where as with being pushed out of your comfort zone allows you to explore new skills and see if maybe you might like doing something else.

Just a thought…


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