Monday Afternoon Article Selection

Here are some articles that caught my, and the webosphere’s, eye today:

Big Brand Theory: Hilton Hotel and Resorts
“…Franchises and chains pose unique challenges for marketing and customer care alike, and thus for social media community managers. Even with centralized reservation and CRM systems, social media inevitably becomes a major component of customer care. While an individual customer care or community manager can help broker a resolution for a customer, they are limited in what they can do…”

Forget the Selfie. Let’s Make 2013 the Year of the Unselfie
“…A selfie is something anyone can do. It is especially popular with celebrities, who are posting selfies like there is no tomorrow….This Tuesday, December 3rd, is the second annual #givingtuesday…To mark this #givingtuesday, anyone who wants to celebrate the powerful positive role that giving plays in our world is being asked to share their own unselfie on their favourite social media sites and by email…It is really easy to create an unselfie. First, write clearly on a piece of paper what cause or causes you will be supporting this #givingtuesday…”

The State of Social Business in 2013
“Overall, we found that investment in headcount and infrastructure have steadily grown, as companies reach “intermediate” stages of social business. Several are turning their sights from “social media” as an extension of marketing and communications, and seek to push a “social business” agenda throughout the organization.”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?


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