All About the Job Search

This morning I want to point your eyes towards several articles that would help during various stages of your job search, everything from interview questions to reference checks.  Let’s get started!

Marc Cenedella from The Ladders writes a Monday Newsletter and from time to time does an update to some of the best questions to ask during an interview.  Here are the five that I thought were most interesting:

1. What’s one thing that’s key to this company’s success that somebody from outside the company wouldn’t know about?
2. What keeps you up at night? What’s your biggest worry these days?
3. These are tough economic times, and every position is precious when it comes to the budget. Why did you decide to hire somebody for this position instead of the many other roles / jobs you could have hired for? What about this position made you prioritize it over others?
4. If we are going to have a very successful year in 2015, what will that look like? What will we have done over the next 13 months to make it successful? How does this position help achieve those goals? (This question helps show your ability to look beyond today’s duties to the future more than a year away.)
5. What is your (or my future boss’) hiring philosophy? Is it “hire the attitude / teach the skills” or are you primarily looking to add people with domain expertise first and foremost?

Have you ever wondered about the best way to prep your references for a phone screen?  Do they even get called?  And if so, is it more of a courtesy to find out if you are or are not a looney?  Are references eventually going to go away kind of like the cover letter has in some instances?  What I mean is, you obviously wouldn’t list someone you didn’t trust as a reference, hence, is there really any point from a recruiters point of view to contact people you have identified as being in your corner?  If so, and until the times change, here are the questions your references may get asked:

1. Employment verification
2. Workplace performance
3. Personality and well-roundedness
4. Who the references are matters

Finally, how do you get that job you are so desperately wanting?  Well, Cathy Goodwin offers her advice on the secret job search ingredients that may get you in the door!

1. Look and Act Like You Belong
2. Get Comfortable Being a Pro
3. Avoid Desperation – Create Your Plan B

Now get out there and get ’em!

What did you do today?

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