Monday Morning Article Selection

Good Monday morning.  Here are the articles that caught my eye today!

On The Job: Just Say No, Tactfully, to Avoid Burnout
“The holidays are right around and the corner, year-end reports are due, co-workers are asking you to cover for them on vacation and the boss wants everything done yesterday.”

Collaboration Trumps Integration in New Marketing
“Integration is a red herring. Integration suggests organizational change, new reporting structures, matrix-layering – a term I just made up to describe the complex triple-reporting structures that dissolve accountability in the name of “integrating” teams in different tribes. This is all hard stuff. And in a business universe that seems to repeatedly reward the flexible and fast, replacing one structure for another more complex one seems a bit beside the point…Many organizations still rely on email as the lifeblood for communications. That will change as new social platforms improve our business experience. In the meantime, we can all support more collaborative behaviors just by using email better. Better basics: clarity in subject lines, short and to-the-point with clear ‘asks’ in the body, scannable contents. Better addressing: whoever is on the “to” line is either accountable or responsible while those on the cc line are likely consulted or informed”

Are You Easy to Get Along With or a Pain in the Neck?
“…determine your dominant personality style using the Mini-DISC graphic. People who prefer to make decisions with limited information are on the right side, and those who would rather have more information and consider all of the options are on the left. Those who are more results focused are on the top half, and those who are more sensitive to the needs of the people are in the bottom half. With just this limited information, you can categorize yourself into one of the four dominant personality types.”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?


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