Monday Morning Article Selection

Good morning readers!

We are one Monday closer to stuffing ourselves full of stuffing…Here are some articles that caught my attention this morning:

Here’s a New Way to look at Competitors
” The X/Y axis competitive analysis slide is a used by existing companies who plan to enter into an existing market. In this case the basis of competition on the X/Y axes are metrics defined by the users in the existing market…But today most startups are trying to resegment existing markets or create new markets. How do you diagram that?…I’ve always thought of my startups as the center of the universe. So I would begin by putting my company in the center…”

Four Social Media Platforms to Empower Your Employees
“Who knows your business as well (if not better) than you do? The people who work in your business, of course!…In today’s socially connected world, employees are often an untapped resource that (with a little guidance) could exponentially expand your company’s word-of-mouth reach. Empower them so they can power your business.”

To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story
“Paul Smith had 20 minutes to sell the CEO of Procter & Gamble, and his team of managers, on new market-research techniques for which Mr. Smith’s department wanted funding. As associate director of P&G‘s market research, Mr. Smith had spent three weeks assembling a concise pitch with more than 30 PowerPoint slides.

On the day of the meeting, CEO A.G. Lafley entered the room, greeted everybody and turned his back to the screen. He then stared intently at Mr. Smith throughout the entire presentation, not once turning to look at a slide…”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?


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