Monday Morning Article Selection

I have decided that I will share some interesting articles with all of you on Monday mornings.  So let’s kick off this chilly Monday with the following:

Creating Strategic Impact: Questions of Business Strategy and Business Survival
“Business Strategy isn’t the layer on top.

Strategy is the foundation that directs your organization toward maximizing what makes you successful. Strategy helps the organization act to realize success AND ANTICIPATE and avoid disasters—the disasters awaiting businesses mistakenly thinking they are going to be successful without the benefit of strategic thinking…”

How to Introduce Your Kids to Social Media
“If your kids are even thinking about logging on, you need to talk to them about it. Introducing your children to social media can help open up channels for discussion.Your children will be more honest about what they do online, and they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with issues…”

4 Big Trends in 2014: Social/Mobile/Cloud/Wearables
“1. Social-mobile-data in the Cloud is the competitive advantage
2. Predictive matching in B2B content
3. Workplace transformation
4. Wearable technology”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?



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