Interview Questions that Lead to Hiring the Right Person

What leads to hiring mistakes? Often, it’s interviewing mistakes. Here’s a better tool for assessing your candidates’ skills.  But before you jump into reading the article let me give you a quick synopsis.  Essentially, Claudio urges hiring managers to take a more behavioral approach to the interview process instead of asking candidates to tell their story, i.e. regurgitate their resume.  He outlines the types of people you might be looking for, everything from strategic thinkers to change agents, and then shows the types fo questions that would be wise to ask folks who claim to possess these skills/personalities.

Here are a few questions I thought were most interesting:

Change agent–> Describe a time when you received org. resistance to an idea or project that you were responsible for implementing.  How did you handle it? What resulted from it? Would you handle any differently now?

Results Oriented–>Have you been involved in a business or product launch? What were the specific steps you took to contribute to the success of the launch?

Will you be asking these kinds of questions?  If you’ve been doing it all along, what kinds of results have you seen from them?


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