Fashion in the Workplace

I love getting the Marie Claire magazine additions that cover fashion at work.  As I was reading the magazine a couple of weekends ago it talked about Casual Friday and how some people really take it to extreme levels or slobbery.  Back in the day when the majority of the workforce was males the casual Friday dress code was put together and it consisted of khakis and a polo but what about us ladies? 

I can’t say that I haven’t broken the rules, or rather bent them, every now and again by wearing open toed shoes or a pair of shorts.  But I do try and keep things composed and still professional.  When wondering what to wear on a Friday, think of yourself as working in a design studio.  Those folks might wear jeans and some quirky things every now and again but for the most part they look pretty darn hip.  Just stay away from those hip torn jeans.

I’d say the hardest thing to switch gears from is casual college attire to casual Friday at a place of work.  Where do you draw the line?  Well you are obviously in luck as Veronica C. wrote an article about this back in February of this year for a website called titled, Escaping “college student” fashion in the workplace.  Here are some of her pet peeves:

1. Backpacks – “Even if you’re wearing a suit that screams professionalism, this look can quickly be undercut by something as simple as a backpack.” I don’t necessarily agree.  I use a backpack now and we were actually given backpacks at a sales meeting that had our brand logos.  With a laptop that weighs close to 10 pounds, this is the easiest way to transport it.  Now do I suggest that that be the only way you transport your important papers?  No, you should definitely invest in something a little less casual for those offsite business meetings.

2. Ill fitting clothes – “Making sure your clothes fit well is another important step in establishing your workplace reputation.” Agreed.  now we can’t always look put together but let’s try a bit harder.

3. Wrinkles – “Showing up every morning with wrinkles and creases in your newly-bought professional apparel is almost worse than donning a wrinkle-free T-shirt and jeans.” I agree again.  A slip up here and there is ok, but not on the days when you’re meeting with the president.

Lastly, here are some inspiration pieces for you from where else but pinterest!



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