Ensuring People Read Your E-mails

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time crafting an email or a presentation that you know is going to help people and then come to find out that they never read it, and never intended to read it.  It’s even more frustrating to know they are going to other people wondering, how in the world do I do x,y, or z?

So what can be done to hopefully ensure that people read your emails and open your attachments?  Well, to google I went and I was happy to find a slew of articles, the first having been written by Jonathan Borge for Inc.com titled 7 Ways to Ensure Your Emails Get Read.  7 short steps, I think we can all try these and see what kinds of results we get.

1. Create a compelling subject line–>ok, check.

2. Write the email in a tone that tells others they can connect with you–>I thought this was a “check” but I guess it’s something to be worked on.

3. Make your emails simple, quick and easy to digest–>I can definitely work on this one.

4. End your emails with a clear call to action–>I will try this and see if something other than “please let me know if you have any questions” works better.

5. Work on timing.  Don’t send emails early on Monday mornings.  Middle fo the week and mid day usually work best–>Interesting concept and certainly something to test out.

6. Your image is important so make sure that your email is formatted in an easy to read manner–>Can fine tune

7. Put yourself in people’s shoes.  Would you want to read your email and open an attachment?–>Good question. 

So what are YOU going to do to ensure people read your emails?

P.S. More resources.
Were 7 steps too many?  Read Sally McGhee’s advice on the SIX steps to get your emails read.
Were 7 steps too few?  Then you might want to read Erik Sherman’s article on the TEN steps to getting your emails read.


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