How to Train New Employees

Disclaimer to the person I am training: thank you for reading this blog post, and please share your thoughts on the training so far, as I have not followed this plan down to the T and only found it well into your first week of working in our department.

That being said, training someone is hard.  A week into a new employee, and my direct report, starting, I began to wonder, “is my way of training really the best way?”  I really had never truly been trained in any of my previous roles.  I may have been in my first job out of college but that was 10 years ago and I was so green that flowers were probably shooting out from my fingertips. 

However, in the last two positions, including the one I am in now it’s been a sink or swim kind of scenario.  I really don’t think it had anything to do with my managers abilities, or lack thereof, to train me but more due to the fact that the roles I accepted were new roles, or a role that hadn’t been filled in two years.  Hence, there were no processes or manuals and anything I brought to the team was better than what they had.

That also being said, I would just drop myself in and begin to weed through the daily work.  I created my own goals and presented them to amek sure I was on the right path.  I’d find people to speak with about how they’d want to rely on me for their day to day work and what they’d been lacking in the past.  I would pretty much be expected to blaze my own trail and then come back and say, “what do you think of this way of doing things?” and then have a discussion with my manager.  To that point, as much as I love to share my knowledge and the skills I’ve acquired, I am struggling with how to do so in a manner that makes sense.  So what do I do?  I google.  And what do I find?  A great article about training new hires on  I especially LOVE the checklist that is in this article.

Partly, the issue is that things are constantly changing and we all have to adapt or re-adapt so as much as I’d love to have all kinds of processes already created, they simply aren’t there.  So as I muddle my way through this and use google in the hopes that I find some good tips, I am asking you, what have you found helpful in your previous roles?  What were you glad that your managers did that made your integration easier into the workforce?

What did you do today?


One thought on “How to Train New Employees

  1. Re tu gribeji buut zhurnaliste, tagad tu esi specialiste un zhurnaliste 🙂
    Ar tiem training ir taa ne katreiz var palauties uz tiem padomiem ko raksta Google, citreiz ir jaiet by gut feeling, katrs cilveks ir savadaaks, vienam ir japasaka vienu reizi un vinsh jau dara, citu ir japarbauda, saka ka saprot, bet vienkarshi kautrejas vai nu negrib teikt ka nesaprot.

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