Manager Training 101

As promised, I want to share with you what I learned in the Management Skills for First Time Supervisors course that I took at the end of February.

Effective training can build skills and set both companies and their employees an the path to success.

We all sat down and were greeted by Cherie Cross who is a motivational speaker with corporate experience who told us, in my opinion, about more than we thought we’d get.  She covered not only management tips and tricks but also taught us a bit about labor laws.  Since these notes are my own hand written notes I feel as though I can share with you what I jotted down.  I hope these tips and thoughts help you in leading your team.

1. Act as if you’re happy.
2. Never make decisions based on feelings.
3. You can’t use logic to lead, right and wrong has nothing to do with leadership.
4. Learn to love the color of grey.
5. Blessed are the flexible for they will never be bent out of shape.
6. Never pit employees against one another and don’t take someone’s word unless you saw what happened yourself.
7. Be brief, be bright, be gone.  Just share the bottom line when it may come to bad news.
8. Never defend corporate policy, always support it.
9. Your number 1 responsibility as a leader is to protect egos.
10. You have a right to request respect.
11. Don’t state opinions, i.e. an employee is not a team player, as those can be subjective.  Only focus on facts.
12. A good leader will encourage an employee to own their work.
13. Don’t say, “I don’t know.”
14. Don’t punish mistakes.
15. Present change on a trial basis.
16. Only use “we” when everyone knows who “we” is. (Instead of  “we came to a conclusion” say “a decision has been made”)
17. Instead of using “needs,” i.e. area in need of improvement, say “areas of focus.”
18. Define expectations & define parameters.
19. Never use personality as an excuse not to improve.
20. Eliminate these from your vocabulary: “from here on out” “from this point forth” “from now on.”
21. Confrontation simply means face to face.
22. Delegation=training employees to do your job, Assignment=asking the employee to do their job.
23. Create opportunity if none exists.
24. Ask for volunteers on assignments.
25. Never ask “why?” It is a trigger word & is emotional.  May show that you are right and the other person is wrong and you don’t understand why they did something a certain way.  Instead simply ask them to explain their thinking.
26. How to deal with complainers: Inquire, Validate, Focus on the future.
27. Let liars lie.
28. Keep every conversation directed toward the future.
29. Employees have a right to be unhappy and a right to complain, behind closed doors.
30. The rules of Discipline
        1. Confront in private.
        2. Communicate intentions “my intentions are…to offer support.”
        3. Discuss issues once.
        4. Be specific about the behavior.
        5. Ask open-ended questions that lead the employee to their own conclusions, i.e. how does it affect…, what does corp. policy state, what are you going to do differently?
        6. Offer solutions (if they don’t).
        7. Create a plan.
        8. End with the positive, be specific.
        9. Schedule a follow-up.
       10. Document & hand write everything.

I hope these help you and I know reading them another time and rewriting them should help me commit these commandments to memory.

What did you do today?

P.S. Looking for more resources?  Of course I have some for you:

1. Training is key for positive employee engagement
2. Effective Management Skills
3. A test – How Good are Your Management Skills?


5 thoughts on “Manager Training 101

    • HI Katie,
      They sound more like finite things that you are dictating to someone. It sounds better, and makes other actually want to do the work (I guess), if instead you say “Next time let’s try…” opr something to that effect.

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