Are Skills the Best Thing to Focus on with Potential Candidates?

I am going to piggy back on last week’s posting by talking more about Lou Adler’s webinar on the Most Important Question to Ask During an Interview.  If you haven’t read the article on LinkedIn, you should.

In his webinar he elaborated on his article but also focused on the entire interview process, from creating a job description to hiring a new candidate.  He explained that most of the time, hiring managers and recruiters focus on the wrong things when looking at potential candidates, they first of all don’t fully understand what the functions of the job are and hence focus on what is it that the candidate has in terms of their strengths and skills rather than what can they do overall. 

Job descriptions are more often than not written in a manner that explains exactly the skills that are needed, rather than what the job entails.  This is why more often than not, not only do hiring managers disregard potentially great candidates but great candidates disregard the job because they see that 10 years of experience is needed and they might only have 5.  But perhaps that candidate has done more in those 5 years than someone else in 10.

Essentially, the primary focus should be the candidate’s performance profile, rather than how they fit into the job description with specific skills, academics, competencies, etc.  Now, this can’t always work as there are certain things you need to have done in your career to get certain jobs. You can’t just graduate and expect to be a manager.  So take this with a grain of salt and apply the concepts in the best way that they work for you. 

But keep in mind, ability and motivation to do the work are the keys to the hiring process!  Thank you to Lou Adler for a fantastic webinar and don’t forget to buy his book!

What did you do today?

P.S. Check out Lou’s website for recruiters!

P.P.S. Are you looking for a new show to watch?  Tune in to The Job on CBS on Friday’s at 9pm eastern time.

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