Holiday Parties

It’s that wonderful time of year again.  Time for holiday parties!  I have written about all of the wonderful scenarios that can take place in the past, but it’s never a bad idea to revisit the Do’s and Dont’s of corporate holiday parties.  That is why I am happy to share three of the five points listed in Career Chick Chat’s list.

1. Tip number one – Go to the party.  This is an excellent time to mingle with your co-workers in a less structured setting.  Get to know people on a personal level and let them get to know you.

2. Tip number two – Remember that you are still on the clock.  Even though you are gathered after hours, don’t forget who you are gathered with…your CEO, your manager, your direct reports.  None of these people need to see the wild party side of you.  WHat they need to see is that you can talk more than just shop and connect with folks on a different level.

3. Tip number three – Send a thank you note to whoever organized the party.  I am very sad to admit that I have not done this.  Partly because I have only been to one holiday party in my working life and that was what feels like eons ago.  However, this is a wonderful tip.  Someone put in a whole heck of a lot of effort and certainly deserve a thank you.

So enjoy and be merry!

What did you do today?

P.S. Read all of the 5 Fast Tips for the Office Xmas Party here.


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