Reading Material – Build Magazine, The Catalog of Ideas

Someone at work has turned me on to a new business magazine.  It is called Build, The Catalog of Ideas, and I think it is truly amazing.  There are longer articles about creating stories that make what you do more compelling to customers to shorter graphical what I’ll call notes.  Topics span from Managing People to tips how to maintain Work/Life Balance.  Today I’ll focus on…the need for expanding skill sets.

I thought the best way to make you see the value of this magazine, or at least encourage you to check out their website, would be to highlight some of the articles in the various sections of the magazine.  So here goes…

This is from the:
Training & Development section.  The article is titled, New Hires Can Help Longtime Employees Ramp Up Their Skills.  The bolded text states, “One of the thorniest challenges any senior executive faces is deciding what to do about employees who may – or may not – have reached the limits of their capacity.  It happens often at fast-growth companies, as the skill sets required can change almost overnight.”

Communication section. The short note is titled, An Exercise in Team Building that Ruined the Team.  “I [once] worked in a team that was having trouble getting along, so they brought in [a consultant].  First activity?  We had to go around the room and say what we didn’t like about each other.  We might have also had to add what we did like, but I only remember the criticisms and people bursting into tears.  We went from simply not being able to work together to actively disliking each other in about 30 minutes.  Then we ate a boxed lunch and ended the day by filling out personality tests.”

Meetings section.  This informational graphic is titled, Of the 5 ways to communicate in meetings, only 2 really work.  The author crosses out the 3 that don’t, which are “…3. Information sharing, 4. Sharing Personal News, 5. Debating, Decision Making, Point Proving”  It is said that two that work the most effectively are “1. Requests, When you need something from another person at the table, your request should be clear and precise…2. Promises, These are commitments, by a person or people at the table, to fulfill requests.  This is why specificity is important…”

Customer Centricity section.  The title here says it all, No matter what product or service you sell, it must be designed for us without needing explanation.  “There are no instructions; that’s how the world works.  Nothing comes with an instruction manual anymore.”

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for this amazing quarterly magazine and learn a little about all topics and not just one.  Go on, expand your skill set!

What did you do today?


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