Backing into Your Future

I’ve never really thought about taking a step back and backing into a future.  People always think about what steps they need to take to get to a certain future position.  But what I’ve never thought about is thinking about that future “end place” and then thinking backwards from.  This is a great tip for when you’re interviewing and are asked that silly question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  You can give an answer and then say, and this is step 1, or two or three, wherever you are in your career.  This will make you sound more knowledgeable about what you want in the end but also shows that you understand what you need to do, hopefully showing your growth potential within a company.

So what does the Fast Company article titled, The Wisdom of the Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Career Plan, tell you?  Well, they’ve come up with an acronym, PLAN.

“P stands for People and Praise. Find people you can discuss your career with. L stands for Learning. Open your world and identify resources that will keep you growing. Look inside your work world by exploring online courses and other training and development opportunities.  A stands for Assessment. Assess your current strengths, weaknesses, and value in relation to your career possibilities. Are there gaps in your current skills or experience that need to be addressed?  N stands for getting past No. Design strategies for dealing with negative situations such as rejection, obstacles, or failures.”

Do you agree with these points?  What are your own tips?

What did you do today?


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