LinkedIn Endorsements

UPDATE:On October 4th, LinkedIn rolled out a redesign to its company pages. If you manage a company page, then I highly suggest you log on and check this out. You can now have a cover photo, similar to Facebook’s cover photo…now back to the post.

Have you been endorsed yet? If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I highly suggest that you read an article titled, LinkedIn Debuts Endorsements as a Lightweight Way to Recommend a Professional Contact’s Skills.  Never mind, you might not even need to read the article, the title sums this whole new phenomenon up quite nicely!

So what ARE these endorsements?  They are mini recommendations, and who doesn’t like that?  You can still of course write a full fledged recommendation but it’s also nice to show people that others see that you really are good at the skills that you’ve mentioned in your job summaries.  Also, it allows for a quicker return on your investment.  The investment being, adding in your skills and expertise and endorsing someone and the return being an endorsement back from the person that you so kindly endorsed.  It’s all about ROI people! 🙂

However, I had one question, does this help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?  What I mean is, and if you look around this blog you’ll find my accumulated tips on how you can make your LinkedIn profile into an effective and optimized machine, by getting more endorsements on certain skills, does this bump you up in the search rankings when others are searching for certain skills?  I mean, you’d THINK that was the point of this whole exercise…besides allowing others to see what skills you and others claim you are good at.

Well, our questions were answered in that same article I mentioned above, “…this also adds more data to the network, so that anyone can see who has been recommended highly for a specific skill.”  So endorse away!  Kindly endorse someone you know and before you know it they will, hopefully, endorse you back!

What did you do today?  Did you endorse someone?


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