Seize Every Opportunity-Skinnygirl Cocktails

As I sat by the window, sipping on my SkinnyGirl Pina Colada (because it was almost 1pm on a Saturday and I deserved it after cleaning the house), I was wondering what I should write about.  Now doesn’t that all sound magical?  In truth, and I hope you don’t mind coming along on this journey through my thoughts, as I was Swiffering the floor I thought, “Whoohoo, I’m almost done and the house smells wonderful.  Task 1 complete, and now I won’t feel bad about siting in front of the computer typing away.  I know what will make this better, a Skinnygirl cocktail!  Hot dang, that’s what I’ll write about, Bethenny Frankel’s success…” And that folks, is how this blog post came about.

Now my husband is a huge, how shall I put this, hater of all things reality tv and new age.  So you can imagine that he will not be a huge fan of the post but, it’s my blog and I will cry if I wanna.

We’ve all heard of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo TV. It all started with the Orange County ones and how can you not love them?  Then Atlanta and New York trickled in, as did Beverly Hills, New Jersey and so it goes.  Some of the housewives had jobs, but others were, and are, just what the word implies.  On the New York version of the show we met a woman named Bethenny Frankel.  Regardless of whether you love her, hate her, or are indifferent, you have to give her a little bit of credit.  She was truly the first to use this show as a personal platform to kick start her business.  Others soon followed in her footsteps by coming out with songs and wine clubs but the idea that a mass promoted low calorie cocktail had never been truly thought of, or at least heavily promoted, sounds pretty crazy.

In a society where beauty and health, and wealth, are everything, you’d think that this type of product would have saturated the market by the time Bethenny Frankel rolled into town.  This woman totally used the Real Housewives to promote her product by donning apparel with the Skinnygirl logo on it, and why not? She even had one of the housewives, with graphic design knowledge, help her fine tune it a bit on the show.  She drank her own cocktails and brought them to outings and events.  So you have to give her some credit for being a savvy business woman.

You may be asking, so what?  The point of this posting isn’t to further idolize anyone in particular, the point is to seize every opportunity.  In honor of the Olympics, go for the gold!  Do everything you can to succeed, and if you fail, at least you can say you tried.   Take extra training courses so you’re better at whatever it is you do.  Do you want to qualify for a race?  Then run, bike, or swim your little heart out until you can’t anymore.  Do everything you can to succeed, seize every opportunity and use each opportunity to in turn work towards your personal success.

Have a happy and safe Labor day.  I’m taking a week off from blogging next week but I’ve got two fun posts already planned out for when I return.

What did you do today?

P.S. Have you read my newest blog post for the Bullhorn Reach blog, titled Working with Recruiter’s-the Job Seeker’s Perspective?  I encourage you to get in on the conversation.


One thought on “Seize Every Opportunity-Skinnygirl Cocktails

  1. Labs raksts, bet reality shows ir stulbi vienalga :-)), labak staties MHz International Mystery chanal, tur ir cool detektivi, tikai nezinu vai MA tas kanals ir. Buchas

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