Exercising at Your Desk

I’ve been wanting to write a posting about this topic.  Who else out there ends up sitting all day and then by the time you get home, your lower back is killing you from having your vertebrae compressed all day? You can stretch it out by doing some late night yoga but what should you do during the day?

Some folks sit on an exercise ball.  From what I have heard though, you shouldn’t do that all day everyday.  You can also get up regularly, but what if you are in customer service and are tied to your desk and phone?

Well, TIME Magazine recently released a great online article about just this topic.  They suggest you do things like, maintain your posture instead of just being slumped over staring at your computer screen.  You should also not just strain your spine by keeping it super straight but instead draw your chin back.

These and many other tips are decribed in infographic form in TIME Magazine’s article titled, The Ultimate guide to Good Posture: Office Edition.

Read the article and put these great tips to work!

What did you do today?


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