Refresh Your Resume

Now this is going to be a short, but I think informative, post.  A while back I guided you all to an article about how recruiters look at a resume and which sections you should spend more time fine tuning.  You can find the post, Your Resume Through the Recruiter’s Eyes, and other useful tips that I’ve posted by searching in the “Recruiters” category from the choices to the right of this posting.

Since a bit of time has passed since that article was written, I thought I’d share a new article written by the folks at Career Builder.  The article/blog post is titled, How to Make a Resume Shine and is done in an infographic format.  I can’t say that I disagree with any of the changes that are highlighted in this infographic.  You have to make sure to tell your concise and compelling story but leave the recruiter wanting to find out more.

That something more might be them really wanting to see what kind of portfolio you might have, and THAT will hopefully get you through the door to the hiring manager.

Good luck!  What did you do today?
P.S. Click through to the rest of the blog posts on the workbuzz site for more information!
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