Pointed Interview Questions

A few weeks ago I went on LinkedIn Answers to ask my own question about social media.  I usually like to see what other questions and answers are trending.  That day I came across someone asking if other LinkedIn users could ask a recruiter/hiring manager any question, what would it be?  After reading through some of the more basic questions I came across someone who would ask, “Why am I here?”

At first I thought that it was a pretty balls-y thing to ask but as I read on in this person’s explanation of the question I realized more and more that it is indeed a great thing to ask.  After all, YOU know why you wanted to apply and then interview at a company but knowing exactly why you were brought in might help you with asking more pointed questions about the job and might even help you determine what you should focus on when giving your background info.

I would actually lead with this question and not wait until you’ve already talked about your accomplishments.  The answer to your question might just give your pitch the structure you need and should tailor your answer to the exact job at hand. For all you know, even though the job description stated one thing, perhaps the hiring manager is looking for a specific set of skills.  Now that you know that, you may just have a leg up on the competition and be allowed to talk more about a certain skill set rather than ramble on about things that in the grand scheme of things may not even be relevant.

So tell me, have you ever asked this question in an interview?  If not, would you?

What did you do today?


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