Build It and They Will Come, the Importance of Marketers

There are a lot of companies and business owners out there who think that if they build the next coolest thing, then people will come out of the woodwork to buy it.  Well, let me throw this out to you.  Even Mark Zuckerberg marketed his Facebook site to his classmates. It may not have been traditional marketing but marketing none the less.

In this day and age, marketing is everything, it kind of always has been.  But, with brands being on social networks and interacting with their customers 24/7 it’s growing much harder to poach a brands customers simply by building a new widget.  If you don’t have some marketing dollars behind you then you have no strategy to build out this thing that you have built.  You have no way of figuring out what the best way is to toot your own horn and not come off as conceited.  And most importantly, you don’t develop the network of loyal customers that other brands have.

So, with that, I encourage every business owner and customer to really think hard before they cut any marketing budget.  You may think that you are just cutting pay roll, but what you are really doing is cutting your life line to the consumer.

What did you do today?


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