Leadership…a la The Godfather

My mom loooves The Godfather so I think she’ll appreciate this post.  The Godfather has a lot of great quotes for life, such as “leave the gun take the cannoli.” Upon writing that line, I made a Robert Deniro face and thought “Eh, whattaya gonna do?”

As usual, I digress.  I recently came across a great article that relates a lot of great Godfather quotes to the five keys of leadership.  You have to admit, that there was quite the sense of community in that movie.  Granted, most mafiosos are that way but there msut be SOME qualities that they exemplify that make people want to believe in them…other than fearing that they’ll get whacked.

I cannot say it better myself so I might as well leave this one to the experts.

1. Build a powerful community – “Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me. ~Vito Corleone
2. Hold people accountable – “What’s the matter with you? I think your brain is going soft. ~Vito Corleone
3. Don’t get emotional – “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business. ~Michael Corleone
4. Be decisive.
5. Spend time with your family – “Do you spend time with your family? Because a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man. ~Vito Corleone

What did you do today?


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