Your Resume Through the Recruiter’s Eyes

Not too long ago I came across an amazing article that showed two resumes.  This was a study which was done on 30 professional recruiters.  Eye tracking was used, and the article revealed what the recruiters looked at in the first six seconds of looking at anyone’s resume.  With the number of applicants to every job, these results are crucial and I think will truly help anyone out there to tailor their resume so that it doesn’t get lost in the numerous piles…or worse yet, simply put in the rejection pile.

I’ll link you to the article at the end of this posting but I wanted to highlight what was found first.  If you look through the comments on the article you will also get some great advice from other recruiters who say that they spend more than six seconds on a resume…more like 10-20!

Your resume will get A LOT more viewing time if it is structured in an easy to navigate way.  Tell them who you are in your title & more importantly, create a summary section which tells them in a concise way why you should be hired and what you have already accomplished.  Think LinkedIn summary.  This should be followed by intro’s to each job.  Just a one to two sentence synopsis of what you are doing in your current role or what you’ve done in the past.  Just because you’re a financial analyst in one place doesn’t mean you’ll fit into the shoes of a financial analyst in another.  Yes, the basic tasks might be the same but a financial analyst in the job you are going for is actually covering someone else’s tasks as well.  This is where tailoring your resume to each job becomes increasingly important.  Lastly, close with your education.

Do these simple things and I think you’ll be on your way to getting that next job!  Good luck! What did you do today?

P.S. As promised, read the fascinating article about How Recruiters See Your Resume.


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