Get Ready for Co-op Students!

I’d like to start today’s post off with a little off topic story that led me to write this post.  Often times I boggle my fiancee’s mind.  He simply cannot understand how a girl who was born and raised in Latvia came to like country music.  To him, country music is sad dogs, trucks and a lot of beer drinking.  To me, it’s songs about the simple pleasures in life.  But, how DID I come to like it?

Well, I was trying to find my very first co-op internship at Northeastern University.  Unwilling to leave all of the deciding to the career center I decided to venture out on my own and look at  I came across what seemed like the best job in the world. The job description was written in all caps and it talked about working with TV, Radio, sports casters, etc.  I was blown away.

I took the orange line out to god knows where and wore a suite but comfortable shoes, as the interviewer specified on the phone.  I arrived at some open concept office and waited for my turn to interview for the job of the century.  After about an hour and a half about 6 of us were going to be taken on a little field trip to see if we like the job and the sales people would pay for lunch!  Oh boy!  So we piled in, I was in a red jeep with one other recruit and two sales people.  We drove to…the middle of nowhere in NH.  What proceeded was 5 hours of going door to door and trying to sell Domino’s coupons.  At one home we were told that the previous home owners we spoke to had had a quarrel pretty recently and the husband pulled a gun on his wife.

No, this was not the job I ever wanted or would wish upon anyone.  We were asked at the end of the day, at 6pm with an hour and a half drive back to Boston ahead of us, if we wanted to head back to the office and fill out paperwork for a full time co-op position.  I politely declined.  HOWEVER, during our drive back the guy driving the Jeep turned on a country music station.  Keith Urban was singing one of his little ditties and I was so happy that the day had come to an end that THAT is when I began liking country music.

But now, to the task at hand.  It is time for a lot of Co-Op students to find…a co-op for the summer.  First and foremost, think about what you have learned so far in school and figure out what you liked.  Then, look at your major or minor and see how those interested might fit into them.  This is your time to figure out what you like and don’t like.  Don’t take a menial job just to pass time, try and do something that might really make you bust your hump but at the end of those six months you’ll know whether the work was rewarding or simply awful.

Go in to your interviews with confidence, but keep your over confidence in check.  No on wants to work with a know it all.  Lastly, make sure to leave a lasting impression.
* prepare!
* shower
* show up on time, this might mean that you need to go to the place a day ahead to make sure you know where you are going
* be nice to everyone in the building, you have no idea who the boss, interviewer or secretary might be
* give a firm hand shake
* send a thank you note to everyone you interviewed with

If you really want to blow them away then go on and create some business cards that give your name, address, phone number, e-mail and what your major and minor are.  It’s these little things that are so simple, yet so memorable that may just get you the job you want.

Good luck students!  What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for Co-op Students!

  1. Cau
    I love country music too! These guys can actually sing and if they can not country people would not listen!
    Labi uzrakstiits, tu aizmirsi piebilst ka tu atnaci majas ap 10pm :-)) nosalusi

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