The 4P’s of Marketing Aren’t What They Used to Be

Last week we had a fantastic speaker, Sima Dahl, dial in to the social media webinar.  Her topic for discussion was about social media for business.  But, what really got me listening was her take on the 4P’s of marketing.  We should all know that they are Price, Product, Place and Promotion…don’t worry, I needed a refresher too.  Now that things have become more social the 4P’s have changed to the 4C’s!  These would be Community, Content, Conversation and Conversion.  Do we have your undivided attention?

Sima went on to share her three strategies for social media in general.  So here we go, straight from the presentation and as her website claims…”Sima says…”

Strategy 1: Get cozy with your customer
*Outline your social media objective
**Start with your target customer…find out what social media platform this kind of customer is using.
*Tune into online chatter

Strategy 2: Contribute to the social stream
*Select a social media channel and consider your comfort zone…how chatty are you?
*Assess your content and don’t just give off noise, i.e. self promotional info 24/7
*Start a conversation but clearly set expectations.  You won’t answer all of the time and you may not answer all questions, make that clear from the beginning.
*Be creative and let your personality shine through.  How do you want the brand to sound?

Strategy 3: Fail early, learn fast
* Monitor things closely and respond to issues quickly. Silence can be deafening at times, especially if you usually post often.
* Measure conversion. What were your initial goals? Are you meeting them?
* Practice continuous learning and watch others.

But, most important of all, HAVE A PLAN!

Let’s all thank Sima for all of these great tips!

What did you do today?


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