Planning for Social Media Success

The last post was taken from a webinar led by Lee Odden and I told you that in this, and the next, post I would share the other two issues with social media content.

So, the first issue, as covered in the last post was not relating social media to true business and overlooking how each KPI relates to the other.  The goals must relate!  The second issue includes five sins of how you broadcast your social content.

1. Failure to plan – just because the platforms are free does not mean that you should go at this important component of your marketing mix without a plan.  I am always creating posting schedules for the month ahead so that I always know what I am posting.  I can always add to it, but I at least have a base to go off of.

2. Self Promotion – At first, you may want people to know what your company does or makes but don’t just talk about yourself. Once it’s been a few months and you feel like people have a good sense of what your company is about, move on to being a thought leader.  Provide your followers with news that they may otherwise had to search for before.  Make them come to you on their own.

3. Give to get – Again, you want to create a community.  You want people to know that you’ll listen to them and that they can also rely on you.

4. Content isn’t great unless it’s shared – this is what social media is all about.  You may have some amazing case studies, but no one knows about them.  Share them with your audience!

5. Analyze – metrics are key, this is the only way that you’ll know what is working and what isn’t.  What do your followers respond to? What do they dislike?

The failure to do the above may send you into a tail spin and will me than likely make you fail.  Don’t fail!

What did you do today?


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