Social Media KPI’s vs. Business KPI’s

Most of the courses that I have listened to so far in the Instant E-Training social media for business webinars have been very interesting to me.  However, I think the class that was led by Lee Odden was so far the most useful webinar in terms of how to relate social media KPI’s to business KPI’s.  He also covered some key issues that some corporations overlook, these I’ll save for a future post.  Again, these are things that I am learning and I can always give my two cents and experiences but the building blocks are what counts so here they are:

You need to make sure that your social content marketing KPI’s are aligned with your business goals.  How can you relate them?  Well,

Social KPI’s                                              Business Outcomes
Fans                                                             Share of Voice
Friends                                                       Improve Service
Followers                                                  Shorter Sales Cycles
Comments                                                Increased Order Quality
Likes                                                           More Referrals
Google Plusses                                       Grow Revenue
——————                                        Improve Profits

How have you been explaining your social media KPI’s?  Have you been explaining them at all?

I certainly hope that this information from Lee Odden’s presentation helps you get some corporate buy in or give you information as to how you should begin thinking about social media and how it can absolutely relate to every day business results!

What did you do today?


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