Tweet for Work!

Oh my, have you heard of TweetMyJobs?  That’s right, the new platform is here. I am always retweeting new jobs in Boston to my Twitter network int he hopes that someone will see the tweet, apply and get a job.  When you are looking for work, every little bit of help…helps!  But I recently saw an article on LinkedIn Today about TweetMyJobs, a new tool aimed to put Americans back to work!

As the article I have linked to above states, “TweetMyJobs leverages Twitter and Facebook‘s social graphs to connect job seekers with available positions. The site looks for social connections who can introduce and refer job seekers to employers…When TweetMyJobs locates a match, it identifies potential employees via text message, Twitter or email, depending on an individual’s preference. Employers and job seekers pay nothing to use the platform.”

So get tweeting and find your next true calling!

What did you do today?

P.S. In the next several posts I will return back to sharing with you the things that I am learning in the social media web conference.  However, since this blog is supposed to be a balance between career advice, networking and fashion, I wanted to share some interesting and “of the moment” job search tips!  Best of luck!


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