Jobless Dating

Dating while unemployed is not a piece of cake.  You’re always considering the cost of everything, where your next paycheck will come from, how you’ll occupy yourself, and how to prevent cabin fever.  Here are my retrospective tips:

1. Go out.  I don’t mean go out and spend money.  I mean get out of the house and do something aerobic and physical.  It’ll keep you healthy and sane.

2. Allow the person you are dating to take care of you.  I don’t mean take advantage of it but don’t put a guard up and just be sad all the time.  (I should have taken my own advice.)

3. Don’t be needy.  Imagine if you were working, you wouldn’t have time to hang out every single day either.  You have to understand the other person’s point of view because, as is, your mood swings, and yes you have them, are a lot to handle.

4. Allow for moodswings!  Sh*t happens and you’re doing the best you can, so just roll with the punches.  The job search is a job and you’re allowed to have good days and bad.

5. Don’t be surprised if you are asked, sometimes daily, “what did you do today?”  After all, that is how this blog started and I always strived to have something insightful to reply with.  Now take a look at the article that goes deeper into what to discuss and not discuss when on a date, while unemployed.

What did you do today?


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