Pinterest for B2B

Now, I know…I have discussed the Pinterest topic at length.  But, Hubspot just came out with an amazing blog article about Pinterest for business 2 business that naturally I just HAD to share with you.  As a graduate of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University, I am a huge pusher of Hubspot articles and white papers.  I couldn’t have written a better piece on why Pinterest is a social media site to be reckoned with, ESPECIALLY for B2B.  How, you might ask?  Use these five easy steps!

1. Identify your most visual content: consisting of white paper photos, brochure photos, installations, manufacturing, user photots…the list goes on…
2. Send Traffic with Specific Links in Each Pin
3. Optimize Pinterest for Lead Generation
4. Build Your Pinterest Follower Base to Grow Company Reach: like and comment on other people’s pins, promote your Pinterest account, create the best boards for a specific industry/market
5. Measure Your Traffic and Leads

Personally, I began using Pinterest to get a better idea of what my wedding might look like, pin images of clothes I’ll never own, create diy projects for myself that I’ll never complete, and decorate (perfectly) the home that I have yet to own.  But why not dream big?!?

As I noticed a lack of a purely visual platform for our sales force to use during their calls and sales meetings I decided to turn to Pinterest.  I figured if it generated some buzz from the Pinterest community, then great.  But first and foremost, I wanted to help our guys out, and help our customers understand exactly what the company I work for is all about, in a purely visual way.

I already have a few tricks up my sleeve how to increase the viewership and interaction with our Pinterest page but I cannot wait to implement Hubspot’s 5 key points to Pinterest success for B2B businesses!

What did you do today?


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