Nail Color and Interviews

Last week, nancyd68, a woman I follow on twitter asked her followers what nail color she should go with for a first interview.  She said she’d be wearing a navy skirt and blouse.  What seemed like a basic question turned into quite the topic. 

I knew dkny PR girl would chime in so in my reply I @ mentioned her.  My take was that this woman should go for a nude or pale pink color.  dkny pr girl’s take was that she should go for a nice rich red.  I suggested to my twitter acquaintance that if she chooses to go with red, it will indeed make her stand out, or she could go with the basic nail color and go with a nice statement necklace. 

Well, dkny pr girl’s comment spurred TheLADauphine to chime in and say that red may not work if this is an interview for something finance or business related.  This comment did not go unnoticed either, as TheLADauphine’s response caused a fellow Latvian to chime in with her thoughts, along with dkny pr girl.  Their take was that if you’re not allowed to wear red nail polish, which is classic, do you really want to work for that kind of company? 

After much thought…I hate to say it, but sometimes you have to tread lightly at first.  I’m sure once you’ve figured out the landscape and pecking order, feel free to wear that red polish, if appropriate!  But I would go for something safer, as a first impression, especially if it is indeed a finance, business, or maybe even legal type of job.

What are your thoughts?

Which of the below colors would you choose for a first interview?

What did you do today?

P.S. Curious about dkny pr girl’s take on the topic?  Read her blog entry title, The Phantom of the Interview.


4 thoughts on “Nail Color and Interviews

  1. One note on red nail polish at work: as the polish wears down it exposes a thin layer of red so that if you are working with paper, the exposed nail polish can/does leave red streaks on the paper. I’m sure you’ve all seen those streaks. Just not sure where they came from?
    For the interview, pale color is best, but could be a little edgier with a slightly more golden color and still get away with it.

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