“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

We are right in the middle of those dreaded months of winter. It’s the middle of February, spring is right around the corner but the mornings and nights are still dark and cold.  It’s no surprise that just as we are unmotivated and not optimistic in our daily lives during the winter months, unless you have a winter home in the mountains and are a millionaire, we may hit a few slumps at work.

Well, never fear!  I came across an article that gives tips for how one can be more optimistic at work!

Now, before reading the article and knowing what it’s really about here are a few things that have helped me:

1.      Putting up a fun and cheery photo somewhere by your desk
2.      Playing some tunes towards the end of the day
3.      Keeping a to do list
4.      Starting your day by easting something summery, such as yogurt and fruit
5.      Not counting how many days are left until the weekend but instead focusing and how you will optimize your time and inevitably make those days go by quicker

And now for the tips from the article titled, Positive Attitude: 6 Ways to Become More Optimistic.

1.      Stop Using Negative Phrases
2.      When asked “How Are You?” respond with a positive answer rather than “Ok”
3.      Stop complaining
4.      Stop griping
5.      Substitute neutral words…“rather than saying ‘I’m enraged!’ say ‘I’m a bit annoyed’”
6.      Expunge profanity and obscenity

So now that you have a total of 11 ways to be more positive in your day to day and work life, what did you do today?  I hope you weren’t negative!


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