Rejection…It’s not Personal, It’s Business!

A friend recently got a rejection after a job interview she thought she did well in.  Rejections suck, no matter what form they come in or what the context.  I still remember one rejection letter which I received in letter form, in my mailbox, over a month after my initial interview.  What can you do?

But you can’t take rejection personally.  You can make sure to ask what you did wrong or why you didn’t fit the perfect fit but you have to dust off and carry on.  Trust me, after getting quite a few rejections sent my way…you have to remember that I was at this fun game for 16 months and applied to close to 500 jobs…I eventually got numb to rejections.  It was just what I expected.  I would still follow up and figure out what I could do differently next time but I made sure to keep going.

So what are my two cents?  Got an interview? Awesome! Congrats! Keep looking while you prep for the interview.  Keep looking for the perfect one and when you least expect it, the perfect job will find you!

What did you do today?


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