The New Age Interview

So an acquaintance’s Facebook post got me thinking.  What if you are interviewing for a job in another state, or country, and the only way to interview is through Skype?  This acquaintance asked a simple question, should he wear a full suit, which feels silly while you are sitting at home, or can he do the newscaster thing and only wear the top part of the suit and essentially be business on top and party on the bottom?

This immediately made me think of this scenario, what if the interviewers ask you to go get something else and you get up and you are either in your underpants or pajamas?  Awkward!  So here is what I think, at the end of the day, this is an interview.  If it is suggested that you dress up, sit at a desk and give your full attention to a phone interview, then I say you do that and more for a Skype interview where people can actually see you.

What are your thoughts?

What did you do today?

P.S. This is what I am talking about:

One thought on “The New Age Interview

  1. The students at the university I work at wear full suits for videoconference interviews and we have them in a room without backlighting which makes your face dark, so don’t sit in front of a window.

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