It’s All Online

Did you know that, “eMarketer estimates U.S. digital newspaper ad revenues grew 8.3% to $3.30 billion in 2011. Print advertising revenues at newspapers fell 9.3% to $20.70 billion in 2011. At magazines, U.S. print ad revenues are expected to rise 0.5% to $15.34 billion in 2012, up from $15.30 billion last year. U.S. digital advertising spending at magazines grew 18.8% to $2.70 billion in 2011.”

What does all of this mean?  Well, we’re going online.  Not to say that we haven’t been online but with Apple wanting to reinvent the textbook business and have every child in the world buy digital versions of books for grades k-12 and on it means that the publishing industry is slowly dying.  Personally, I’m sad.  I just joined a book club through Real Simple magazine and am relishing the fact that I am reading more.  And that I am reading more REAL books.  I may not read a lot but I have always enjoyed the way books feel.  I think people look more knowledgeable with a stack of books than let’s say a stack of kindle’s.

But as per usual, I digress.  What does this mean for us marketers?  Well, again, as a society we’re going online more.  Print advertising seems to constantly become more and more a thing of the past.  People want dynamic ads, they want something tailored to their interests and hobbies and a print ad just won’t do.  Print ads are what they are.  If a newspaper has decided to promote car sales for a month straight, and you as a reader are in the poor house, what does that do for you?  Nothing.  However, if you’re online and search engines, or Facebook or digital magazine copies, pick up that you’re down on your luck and things are not looking up as they should, I would bet you that you would begin getting ads for coupons and all kinds of deals that would actually appeal to you.  These ads are able to appeal to their audience which are placed on the pages that people visit and which depend on what you looked up, or read, previously.

The one thing that may save print ads are social media call outs asking people to either join a conversation or follow a brand online where the brand can then appeal more to these new customers and followers by assessing their needs via insights and tracking.  A post from 4Ps Marketing about the outlook for social media in 2012 states the following:

“We have already started seeing how brands are using print adverts to drive customers to their Twitter and Facebook pages. This shows how important brands consider them to be. Hashtags have been appearing during TV shows encouraging you to join in the conversation. Brands have been driving customers off their website onto their Facebook page to get a discount or offer. Digital ads off and on Social Media platforms will provide links to the pages and related offers. We believe that we will be seeing increasingly more of this type of cross marketing integration.”

So there you have it.  We have to begin focusing more on digital and online, if we haven’t already.  But you can never forget about print, although by the time my kids go to school they’ll laugh at the fact that their parents have books on “book” shelves, as print can also evolve and become more dynamic…even if it does point the reader to yet another online site, with a more appealing ad, with the help of a QR code or some other new age widget.

What did you do today?


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