Ace Your Next Interview

Do you want to ace your next interview?  How silly, who wouldn’t?  I havea  friend who has an itnerview this week so this one’s for her, and all fo you of course.

Recently I came across an article that once again highlights the most basic of the basics that we all seem to keep forgetting, paying attention to detail, proofreading, preparing for an interview, being professional in e-mails and during phone calls and finally…being honest.

So why do we forget these five basics?  Maybe because we try to focus on 100 different things and not on the basics.  We try to memorize answers to potential questions, which may never get asked, and worst of all, if you’re preparing for several interviews you might get the two jobs confused.  Don’t talk about your skills as a social media guru if the job you’re interviewing for needs you to build a website. 

Now as for the honesty, just as with anything else, use it in moderation.  The article cites an example of asking an applicant if after six months of being in one position they were approached by another company, would they take the job?  Apparently some people say they’d consider it. 

So I leave you with my general five tips:
1. Find jobs that fit your skill set.  I know, when you’ve been down and out like I had been for 16 months I would have worked almost anywhere.  Luckily someone took a chance on me and now I get to do what I love.
2. If you have the time, tailor your resume and cover letter for each new job…because as we know no two jobs are really alike.
3. If you have a phone interview, sit up, turn off the tv or radio and focus!
4. Prior to an in person interview drive to the location so you know how long it might take you to get there and so you really know where you’re going.  I cannot explain to you how thankful I am that I drove to the place that I work at now prior to the interview.  I never thought that I could possibly stay on one road for so long actually get to where I was going.  Had it been the day of the interview and I would now be agonizing about not only the interview but also about getting there?  It would have been a total lost cause.
5. Breathe and prepare!  You’ll do fine as long as you’re confident and know what you’re talking about.

Good luck!

What did you do today?

P.S. Go on and read the full article for the tip breakdown and some anecdotes, 5 Things to Look for in a Great Job Interview.


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