The Top 10 Things Social Media Can Accomplish for a Business, Part 1

I have been using LinkedIn Answers a lot lately, to both ask and answer questions.  So to learn something new, because we always can, I asked the following question: What are the top 5 things social media can accomplish for a business?

I was so happy when I got so many replies that opened up my eyes and made me think about new social media approaches, I even got a book suggestion, Jason Falls new book, “No Bullshit Social Media.” So here are the top ten things, as told to me by others, that social media can accomplish for a business…

1. Carrie W. “JOIN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY – Even if yours is a local business with local clientele, you can’t ignore the value in keeping your finger on the pulse of the larger world around you. I believe in supporting your local economy for the financial health of your city and state. There is also great value in building relationships with others outside of your target market who may be a resource to you as this economy continues to change. We all need to help each other. Resources can show up in unexpected places. ”

2. Sarah B. “Keep your clients thinking about your company even if they’re not planning to buy just yet. They will remember you.”

3. Karen, “Before defining what social media can accomplish for your business, it’s important to have a solid social media strategy in place that’s fully integrated with your offline marketing efforts/messaging. Once that is done – only then can you define the top 5 or 10 or maybe it’s only 3 things. AND…this will differ for every company – so there is no way to say these top 5 things will make you succeed in the social arena.the sole function of that feed is customer resolution. The top items will differ for every company based on whatever your overall business/marketing objective is. ”

4. Stoney G “Authority – Using SM to push out authoritative content can help establish you as an authority and the go-to place for what you offer. ”

5. Kent L. “Managing reputation/brand (crisis management)”

Tune in to the next post to see the rest of the top ten list!

What did you do today?


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