Asking about growth opportunities

I have written about questions to ask during interviews and about questions you should be prepared to answer.  The topic was even a top post which I highlighted before the end of 2011. Well, here is another point of view on the “growth opportunity” question from dkny PR girl.

DKNY is a brand I have begun to follow on twitter in the last month or so because it was deemed as one of the top twitter handles to follow.  I also knew that this mysterious person had a blog but I hadn’t checked it out until very recently.

Well, Ms. DKNY, as I have decided to name her, gave her two cents on this question and realized that there are basically three schools of thought.
1. One that thinks that you shouldn’t ask such a question because it makes you look like you don’t want to be here long if there are no opportunities.
2. There are also those that think this makes the candidate sound like they want to stick around for the long haul.
3. And then there was the third which realizes that this type of question is a generational question, which I find a very interesting take on the matter.

So there it is. Personally, I have asked the question in an interview but this makes me wonder if you should think twice.  At the end of the day, I think you should either feel out the interviewer, the company and then phrase the question carefully and maybe even add in that you are asking because you want to be able to stay in a job long term…then again, that statement might back fire as well.

How are you planning on handling this question?  Or will you not handle it at all and not even ask?

Thanks to Ms. DKNY for bringing up this interesting topic.

What did you do today?


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