2012 resolutions

It’s another year and another opportunity for change.  No, you don’t need to change yourselves for the “better” as I’m sure you we are all perfect 🙂

However, there are some things we can do more of, that might improve how others perceive us and in turn it will make us all even more perfect.  I’m not even going to discuss being healthy and going to the gym because unless you cannot work out due to medical conditions there are no excuses.  However, here are things I have stopped doing and need to begin doing more of:

1. Continue reading el pais daily in order to improve my Spanish.

2. Read more.  I have actually decided to join Real Simple Magazine’s virtual book club.  I urge others who don’t have time for a real book club to join in. First book of the year?  Mindy Kaling’s, Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?  So far, I’m loving it.

3. Get back into photography.  Somewhere between this past spring and now I have lost the desire to photograph every minute of my life.  I need to get back to taking pictures and improving myself.

So let’s keep it simple, what are your top three resolutions for 2012?


3 thoughts on “2012 resolutions

  1. Great Resolutions! I’ve been thinking of freshening up on my French, and that’s a great way to do it. Whenever you get some time, check out KyleHolmquist.com for some photography inspiration if you will.

    Good luck with your Resolutions!


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