Top Post #3: About Me

The 3rd most visited page on this blog has been my “About Me” page.  Instead of just telling you to go there I thought I’d give you a little more background about myself.

I was born in Latvia.  I lived there until 1993, yes, during the communist times which I have to tell you were not that bad.  When I was 10, my family and I moved to Seattle so my dad could work at the University of Washington.  During the time that I attended school in Latvia I actually studied German as we had no intention of ever coming to America.  So here we were, my parents had luckily studied English during their school and college years but, my brother and I didn’t know the first thing about this brave new world.

Upon enrolling in a bilingual school in the outskirts of Seattle our English proficiency was marked at a cool zero.  This was determined by the fact that when we were asked our names both my brother and I stared the woman blankly in the face.  In the next several months we would attend classes with a number of other non-English speaking children.  Most of them spoke Spanish and that is how I became attracted to the language.  We would come home with such assignments as writing words and outlining snowmen.  We learned about Thanksgiving and other American holidays.

After three months at the bilingual school, both my brother and I were transferred to Olympic View Elementary where he continued to draw his way through second grade and I read children’s books while my classmates read at a 5th grade level.  After two years in Seattle, we mozied our way to the other coast, Maryland to be specific.  I enrolled in the local middle school and my brother in elementary.  Luckily the apartment complex we lived in had a pool and a number of foreigners.  We spent our summer days swimming and playing games with kids from France, Spain and Argentina.

After two years in Maryland we once again made the treck to the other coast, this time to California.  I loved it…I think.  I entered high school and made new friends who I sat in the hallway with during free periods, went to dances with and walked a mile with during P.E., it’s not easy coming in at 20minutes and 20seconds alone.  This is where I had my first true boyfriend and where I wore tube socks with Mary Jane’s to a Y2K dance.  But, unfortunately it was time to move again.  No my parents are not in the military, they are actually both scientists and when funding doesn’t work out in one place it’s time to look for another.  So we went on.  Half way through my sophomore year in high school we moved to a place called Boston.  Upon flying into Logan, on a cool January day I recall calling this place a hell hole.  You have to understand that flying to Boston, a place you’ve never been, from sunny California for the first time is a bit of a culture shock.

We first lived in Harvard square until we found our apartment and then began attending school in Belmont.  My brother barely made his way into middle school not because he was a bad student but because the school didn’t believe we lived in Belmont, although we had a lease…but no bills yet.  Meanwhile I got in and was quickly made fun of for wearing dresses over jeans, which was the cool thing to do back in Cali, and saying words like “hella.”  I eventually made friends and by the time I blinked high school was over.  I vowed to return back to California but my parents wouldn’t have it so I went on to Northeastern University where I studied International Business and Marketing.  I chose the Spanish track and was lucky enough to spend a year in Spain, completely immersed in the language and the culture.  Finally, my love for all things Spanish had come full circle.  After graduation I worked in a couple of places and eventually went for my MBA during which I got to spend 10 days in Brazil.

So here I am today.  Working as a Marketing Coordinator and feeling like things are going quite well.  I am engaged and soon to be married, I get to visit my family, who at this point are back on the other coast again, I love Boston and have a hard time understanding when others think it is a hell hole and  I am still visiting my grandparents back in the home land.  By this point, people can’t even tell that at one point in my life I spoke no English, and are sometimes confused by my lack of knowledge about some basic things…which we were not exposed to while living in Latvia.

I hope this synopsis of my life so far has been interesting.  I know I definitely enjoyed telling you a little more about myself.  And NOW you can go to my About Me section and learn more about my professional background. 🙂



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