LinkedIn for Companies 101

Back in April I wrote a blog titled, LinkedIn Company Pages, What You Didn’t Know!  In that entry I talked about the five steps you need to take to create a successful company page.  Well, it’s been about seven months and things have changed…or should I say, improved? 

The 5 points I covered were:
1. Uploading  a company logo.
2.-3. Highlighting your top three products or services, and update them either monthly or when appropriate.
4. You can segment your products by market, or geographic area/language.
5. Utilize the ability to have three free banner ads and update those as well.

Well, what’s changed and why am I writing this post?  The real reason is because Hubspot, who I really respect and whose blog posts and webinars I enjoy, tweeted, “Admit it, your LinkedIn company page sucks” and pointed people to a blog post titled, 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks.  I personally am happy to say that the company page I manage does not suck, and I let Hubspot know, through a tweet.  🙂

However, I do have to give them props for outlining what companies need to do in order to have a succesful LinkedIn company page.  So what’s changed?  Well, you now have the ability to have status updates.  Now, I am not proposing you update your status daily, I personally do it about once a week.  I also wouldn’t update just to say “Hello.” That’s not what LinkedIn is about.  It’s about sharing information that will be interesting to professionals…in a professional manner.

The other points that Hubspot highlights is the fact that whoever manages your page should make sure to drum up some excitement about the page.  I made sure to get everyone who could to follow our company page, even if it was just people from the company.  Just like with any other social profile, the more followers, the better.  You should also ask for recommendations, if you can.  If you have an RSS feed for your blog, feature it here and your page will have more new content rolling through it.  Also, don’t forget to post new jobs in the careers tab and definitely don’t forget to monitor your analytics.

Good luck and tell me, are you utilizing LinkedIn company pages for all they are worth?

What did you do today?

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