1 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it?  I have been at my job for, officially, a year yesterday!  I cannot believe that the time went by so quickly.  But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun, or in my case working with wonderful people and on fun projects.

So here is what I have learned in my year as a marketing coordinator:
1. Google Analytics – I can actually say that I know how to use GA.  Before I would fudge my way through it but now I don’t have to pretend anymore!
2. Social Media – Yes, I knew about social media and how to use it but I was so bummed that I hadn’t used it for work yet.  All I knew was how to use it for myself but now I can say that I know how to apply social media for business.
3. Web Analytics – Not only do I monitor what and how we are doing on social media but I also get to analyze our web metrics!  I know it’s nerdy but I love it.
4. Presentation – I still can’t say I’m wonderful with presenting but I’ so happy that I’ve had to present.  You can only get better if you try and try again.
5. Trade Shows – Boy am I excited that I have the opportunity to manage trade shows and attend them.

Why am I telling you?  Well, a lot of you have followed me through my trials and tribulations but I am also telling you so that those that are still searching for their next job can think about some of the above points and fine tune their skills or push those to the fore front.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  What did you do today?


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