LinkedIn for HR Purposes

Last week I attended a social media conference.  The majority of the conference revolved around the basics of each of the top four platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Towards the end of the day I decided to switch classes and attend a session about monitoring social media.  The professor asked what the people in the room use LinkedIn for.  A woman in an HR function replied that she does the majority of her recruiting via LinkedIn.

She shared a story about needing to hire someone in two weeks time and decided to see who she knew online.  She found two colleagues and reached out to them who in turn reached out to their network of over 300!  She hired someone in one week!  She also shared that she has begun seeing more and more LinkedIn account url’s being added to written resume’s.  Interesting.

So what does this all mean? USE LinkedIn.  Update your profile, put up a good photo, utilize keywords throughout your summary, description, etc.  Network!  Make sure to ask and answer questions in the various groups you might be a member of.

Good luck and tell me how you’re using LinkedIn to your benefit!

What did you do today?


2 thoughts on “LinkedIn for HR Purposes

  1. I presented How to Leverage LinkedIn to Build and Maintain Professional Relationships to the Boston Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma last month. We determined that LI’s primary strengths are: To Find a Job, to Find a Job Candidate (HR), to Maintain/Build Relationships with our first degree connections (CRM), and to control your online identity (what people are delivered when they google you.).

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