Words NOT to Use on a Resume

There are some universal terms that shouldn’t be put on a resume no matter what field you are going into.  Who knew?!  Well, Monster.com put out a list of the top 10 words and phrases not to put on your resume.

Here are my top 5 phrases out of the list of 10.  I have also given my opinion about those top 5 phrases.  Take a look at the full list to make sure you haven’t been writing something you shouldn’t be!

I’ll start with the two that threw me for a loop:

1. “Responsible for….”

2. “Experience working in..”

Who knew that those two phrases screamed “mediocre worker!” “Having been responsible for something isn’t something you did — it’s something that happened to you. Turn phrases like ‘responsible for’ into ‘managed,’ ‘led’ or other decisive, strong verbs.”

3. “References Available Upon Request.”
Everyone will always ask for references and you will always supply them.  Stop wasting space and add another certification rather than this phrase.

4. “Detail Oriented.”  Who isn’t?  In my opinion, there’s no sense in calling this out because again, you’re taking up space and if this is one of the things that you’re proud of…I would rewrite the resume entirely

5. “Hardworking.” This falls into the same category as #4.  These are things you can talk about in an interview but not details you want to call out in a resume.

What did you do today?


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