My Two Cents: The Duggar Family

For those who haven’t heard the happy news yet, the Duggars are pregnant with their 20th child!

Now I agree, nobody has any right to judge another’s family.  But COME ON!  It’s hard for me to say something bad because the other night I watched their 1 hour season finale and they really are the sweetest people but something has to be said for their kids. 

Obviously they are used to living in a HUGE family but something that Michelle and Jim Bob said made me and the fiancée laugh out loud.  They were asked by a viewer how they justify having 20 children when the world is already overpopulated.  Their answer was that that is a myth because all of the people of the world would easily fit into the state of Arkansas, I believe.  Ok, maybe not Arkansas but I have to agree that all of these people do actually “fit” into this planet.  However, I think the bigger issue is FEEDING all of these people.  Just because everyone fits doesn’t mean that everyone can sustain.

As for their kids, they are all homeschooled and the older children are basically care givers to the younger ones.  I know that homeschooling isn’t the end of the world but I would have to say that their chances of having the best education isn’t really in the cards.  Yes I know they all have musical talents, etc. but how will they all go to college?  Will they go to college at all?

I throw this out to you, what are YOUR two cents?


3 thoughts on “My Two Cents: The Duggar Family

  1. Linde, ne raksti par ko nezini, vini dabuus skularshipus, un problema ir ta ka vini droshi vien sanem pabalstus, uz katru bernu, tu vari tikt nepatikshanas ar tadam rakstishanam, tevi vel kads iesuudzees tiesaa.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a sustainability issue. It tortures me to see people having lots of kids, like the Duggars, without really thinking about it, while others I know struggle with whether or not to have a 2nd or 3rd child, because they just don’t know how they’ll ever afford college for that many children. What good does it do to have a large, uneducated family? Uneducated doesn’t mean they’re dumb. (They’re smart enough to be able to capitalize on their TLC show.) But it does mean that all these children are growing up with a very narrow world view–and in my experience, that can be the scariest thing of all. Want a large family? I’m all for it. But make sure you can provide properly for them–and look into fostering and adopting some deserving children who truly need homes. Why don’t the Duggars bring in some foster children? Then, I would have a lot more respect for them.

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