Occupy…the World!

Here I go again with my own personal views on things.  But this Occupy Wall Street, Boston, etc. thing is really maddening. 

I understand 100%, not just 99%,  what these people stand for but I am also quite a bit annoyed.  On the news the telecasters said that the folks here in Boston, and really everywhere, are occupying city property, that most of us are not allowed to do, not even the homeless.  They get free electricity, which none of us get, free police protection at all hours of the day and night, which none of us get unless you’re the head of state, a celebrity or the president, and many other benefits that us 99% have to pay for.  And who is paying for all of THEIR free stuff?  That would again be the 99%.  So thank you for that.

To boot, I would only have to assume that these folks are out of a job and that is part of what they are fighting for.  I get it, being unemployed sucks and as my previous post stated, you’re better off not working part time while you’re unemployed because it will only be counted against you when you refile your claim.  However, you ARE required to look for work.  Unless these folks are going on interviews in their camping gear I don’t really see them trying too hard to find employment.  And if their benefits have run out, wouldn’t it push you that much harder to find a job? 

I spent 16 hard months, counting my pennies and applying to 10 jobs a week. Yet these people don’t need to worry about bills or a job it seems like.  I’d say they are a new 1%.

What’s your take on it?

What did you do today?

P.S. And then I read an article with the following quote, “Sleeping beside the hardcore activists are increasing numbers of wealthy students turning up to make the most of the party atmosphere, drugs and free food,” reporters Paul Bentley and Micela McLucas wrote in October. “While they dress down to blend in, the youngsters’ privileged backgrounds are revealed by glimpses of expensive gadgetry or the absent minded mention of their private schools during heated political debates.”  Read more of the article HERE.


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