While Collecting Unemployment

In the last few weeks I have heard about two friends getting laid off.  I promised one that I would do some searching on my blog for some tips and here they are.  This is taken from a previous posting:

The Terrible Woes of Unemployment

Today I decided to look into what my benefits would be when I renewed my claim in a couple of weeks.  After talking to three different people on the unemployment hot line I was told three different stories about what extension I am on and about my eligibility.  In my last conversation I was told that my benefits may be reflective of what I have made in the last year.  I decided to look into this a little further and found an article about reduced unemployment rates due to working part-time.

So, basically here are the rules no one really talks about but you find out too late about:

* Don’t work more than 20 hours a week otherwise your unemployment will be taken away–> i.e. don’t work.

* Make sure if you do work you don’t make over 1/3 of your benefits, if you do it’ll just take away from your benefits.–>i.e. don’t work.

* DON’T WORK AT ALL, because if you do your new claim will be reflective of your new income while unemployed. However, if you don’t work at all you will receive the same amount as you did previously.

This is completely ridiculous.  All that unemployment encourages is for one to sit at home and do nothing unless a full time job actually comes their way. Had I known, I would have just sat here for the last year and done absolutely nothing.  What am I encouraged to do?  Find more part time work because clearly, my benefits will be slashed for working.  Thankfully, I’ve been saving money in case something like this may happen.  Now I may just need to start selling stuff on ebay.

What did you do today?

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