What I learned by moving my blog

Well, the fear was always there and that’s why it took me so long to migrate my blog, albeit for only a little over a month.  I was always fearful that I would lose all of you, my loyal readers.  And I did.  Perhaps I should stick it out longer and figure out if I just need more time with my Business Casual Blog or if I did try but ultimately failed.

Here are my key takeaways from this experience:

1. When moving an already existing blog, or a website, make sure that people don’t go to the old place and then have to click on a link to get to your new domain.  Although this doesn’t seem like a big step, apparently it is.  People want things to be simple and clicking numerous times to new content ain’t it.  Make sure you have a direct redirect to your new landing page or site.  What I mean is, if someone types in ourunemployedlife.wordpress.com they are directly redirected to your new blog, in my case businesscasual365.com. 

2. When beginning any blog or website think in terms of long-term.  When I began blogging I wanted my blog to be an easily found, hence the url.  Later as I became employed I was at least able to change the title of the blog, but the url stayed the same.  I found myself to be in a pickle.  I’m no longer unemployed, I don’t want people to be confused and I certainly don’t want to mislead my readers.  So think in terms of long-term.  Where will you be several months or a year from now.  Will what fits now, fit you down the road?

3. Have a plan of attack.  When I migrated websites I didn’t really have a plan of attack.  I knew that the majority of my readers came from boston.com.  I reached out to the blog folks there and asked that my url get changed but didn’t hear back.  That was a major crux in my blogs demise.  If I had more time to plan I would advertise my new blog leading up to the change over.  However, as postings got stale and the reader numbers rarely surpassed 10 people I began to think that it’s time to come back to my roots and figure out a way to make the old blog work.

So there it is, three easy steps that I wish I had known about but I hope they’ll help you.  How would you feel if I changed the name of this current blog to Business Casual 365? 

What did you do today?


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