Have you ever been fired?

Although the majority of us at this point have been laid off and not fired a lot of employers might have the same stigma against you.  Many will understand the circumstance surrounding a lay off but there will inevitably be a handful of those that will think you did something wrong.

So what do you do?  Do you lie and then worry about what the employer might find out during the background check?  Well, according to your conscience and the writers of the Doostang Blog, you should always be honest.

Just tell the truth and explain the circumstances.  Was your position flat out eliminated?  Was there an issue that arose out of your control?  Either way, just give the facts but don’t dwell on it and most definitely don’t bad mouth anyone.

“Explain the circumstances surrounding the incident.  If it was a conflict of interest, let the interviewer know.  If it happened 15 years ago, tell them that you now have a lot of distance from the incident and that your stellar work performance since then speaks for itself.  If it occurred in the more recent past, explain that you have learned quite a bit from the incident, but don’t spend your time making excuses.  Lay down the facts, and focus on what you’ve done since and will do in the future to demonstrate that you are a valuable employee who understands what it takes to be an asset to a company.”

What did you do today?  How did you handle a similar situation?

P.S. Check out my Career Advice 101 group for other topics.


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