Job Search Strategies

To round out this week I wanted to share a great article from again. This one focuses on job search strategies and since sometimes, read often times, it is very time consuming and frustrating to look for work I had to share these tips with you in the hopes that they’ll make your lives a little bit easier.

Thanks again to Alesia Benedict for putting together these tips:

1. Create a road map for your job search.
2. Put and emphasis on a good first impression, “Begin the journey with a professional cover letter and resume. You want to engage hiring managers and build interest in you as a viable candidate. ”
3. Following up is just as important, if not more so, than actually applying for a job, “Follow up with hiring managers to produce results long after the first contact you have with a company. You might call to be sure your resume has been received or to inquire as to the need for additional information. Sending a thank-you note following an interview is par for the course, but also send one to acknowledge any assistance you received, such as to the contact who helped get your resume to the right individual. Even if you don’t land an interview initially, state your intent to touch base periodically. See this as part of your network building. ”
4. Network, network, network! “Take advantage of job fairs, community gatherings, and professional organization events to keep your finger on the pulse of local and national job markets. Not only are these excellent opportunities to network, but also to understand movement in key positions at companies of interest. Consistent networking, even if you aren’t actively looking for work, can lay the foundation for subsequent job searches. Read local business publications to stay on top of regional business news and opportunities. ”
5. For those who are already working, “Professional passion and interest in your field of work cannot be overrated. Only you can determine whether this is the time to follow your heart and create a new direction in your career or if it’s better to stick with a sure thing.”
6.  Job searching is a job, so treat it like one and don’t waste your time without knowing what you have and have not accomplished, “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are continually looking for opportunities and feel stymied by the lack of results. The sheer number of job listings and sites makes the job search feel even more challenging. Keep diligent records of your job search and organize contacts so you don’t inadvertently duplicate your efforts. ”
7. Use every resource you can, “Use the resources available to you. Call the new company in town and introduce yourself. Share your interest in the company, but more importantly, use your elevator speech to broadcast your skills and value. Follow up with a resume. Ask for a meeting. Give hiring managers good directions in identifying your strengths and linking those to the needs of the company.”

What did you do today?


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